Humans are endowed with five senses, but few have the sixth sense. If you are someone with a sixth sense, then the chances are high that either or both of your luminaries (Sun and Moon) fall under the 5 zodiac signs with the sixth sense that we will list here. 


Your sixth sense is the little voice in your head that gives you the premonition before something terrible happens. Often a person with sixth sense dreams about things before they happen in reality. The sixth sense stops a person from diving into a situation that can spell disaster. This sense helps an individual study the energy in a room or another person’s intentions.

To the “logical” populace, this may sound preposterous. But their sixth sense is as accurate as their other five senses to those blessed with this great gift. These people thrive on vibes and listen to their ‘gut feelings.’

Now let’s see which are the 5 Zodiac signs with a sixth sense. 

1. Pisces

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. The Pisceans are ruled by the planet of wisdom and knowledge— Jupiter. Being the mutable water sign, Pisceans can read a person’s intentions as though he were a textbook.

They often seem withdrawn or aloof, but inside, a Pisces’ mind is forever at work. When a Pisces is in a room full of people, they will study the energy in the room in a minute. 

Even if everyone seems collected on the surface, a Pisces can tell if there is tension in the room. Pisces are human sponges, and they are intuitive by nature.

They soak up the negative energy when they are in a negative situation. You will often find Pisces distancing themselves all of a sudden. This is because they must process and wash away all the negativity they soak up. 

2. Scorpio

Scorpions tread the dark realm where nothing is hidden from them. Scorpions are known for being judgemental, but that is because they have the ability to look at people and learn their instances in a few minutes.

Scorpions are masters at reading the undercurrent and exploring the dark thoughts in people’s brains. It is almost impossible to fool a Scorpio. Everyone who has a relationship with a Scorpio knows about their trust issues. 

This zodiac sign has a tough time believing humans because they have seen the darkest and dirtiest human faces underneath beautiful features. This water sign is the most secretive by nature.

Hence, telling when others have secrets is no problem for them. Scorpions can be a tad more destructive and invite more troubles than other signs. The sixth sense of this zodiac sign shields them from many adversities. 

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3. Sagittarius 

Sagittarius, the 9th sign, is one of the best Zodiac signs with a sixth sense. They are ruled by Jupiter and have an immense thirst for acquiring knowledge.

Although Sagittarius is feisty, carefree, and gives a ‘life-of-the-party vibe, they are a wise judge of character. What makes Sagittarius stand out is that they use both their present knowledge and intuition to conclude.

Although this is a social zodiac sign, they have few friends. They employ their sixth sense to understand people, circumstances, and dynamics. 

4. Cancer

Moon is the planet that rules our intuition. The Zodiac sign of cancer is bound to have a superb sixth sense for two reasons.

First, it is ruled by Moon, and second, it is a water sign. It is hard to believe how intuitive a Cancer can be. They tend to be emotional on the surface, but they can very well discern the intentions of others. 

Cancer will hear your words and feel the energy you are exuding when you are talking. They have the innate ability to detect slight changes in your voice.

Cancer can easily figure out the type of person you are by conversing with you for a few minutes. People think they are being judgemental, but most often, Cancerians are right in their judgments which people see later on. 

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5. Gemini

The sign of Gemini stands for all things related to the mental plain. They are social to the extreme. However, Mercury’s Zodiac sign ruler makes them a critical judge of human character and bestows them with enough intuition. 

If you are conversing with a Gemini, they are reading you like an open book. They will notice the smallest detail and combine it with their gut feelings to let you into their life or chuck you out.

If you see your Gemini fellow avoiding you, it is because you haven’t made it through their carefully set filters.

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