Astrology and spirituality are two of the essential things in our lives. They both have the power to touch us in ways we can’t even imagine. We often use astrology and spirituality in different life situations without even realizing it. This leads us to wonder if astrology and spirituality are the same things or if astrology is a part of spirituality.

What is Astrology?

Astrology studies how distant cosmic objects, like stars and planets, affect human lives. People believe that the position of the Sun, stars, Moon and planets at the time of someone’s birth (not their conception) can shape their personality, affect their romantic relationships and predict their economic fortunes, among other divinations.  

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What is Spirituality?

There is no one definition of ‘spirituality’ or ‘spiritualism’. For some people, spirituality is connected with religion, god, or anything considered divine. Some believe that spirituality is the opposite of being faithless or godless. Others see spirituality as a philosophy that includes esoteric thoughts and ideas. Some people think that being spiritual means being free from the limitations of our own biases.

So, is Astrology Spirituality? Or Is Astrology considered Spiritual?

There are no spiritual secrets in Astrology. The connection between astrology and spirituality has always been transparent. We all experience certain moments in life when we are ‘thoughtless’. ‘Why do I feel spiritual?’ is a question we have all faced at some point in our lives. We cannot explain this feeling at the conscious level, but spirituality accepts this feeling and offers lengthy explanations.

Astrology can be thought of as a map which shows you the most favourable path to take while warning you of the possible hazards that might be encountered along the way. Placing planets in one’s horoscope can indicate what a person might face. However, nothing is set in stone. A change in thoughts and karma can alter a person’s destiny, along with making the right decisions at the right time.

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It’s been said that every two and a half days, the effect of the Moon changes our minds. So if you’re feeling down during a particular day, know that it won’t last longer than two and a half days. There will be a break, and then the melancholy might come again. These times test a person’s righteousness and are crucial for a better future.


Jyotish (astrology) is known as the ‘Light of God. It helps you see beyond your immediate situation and know that it is just a phase you are going through. Astrology reassures you that whatever wrong is happening, it is only for a short time and will change soon; even in Geeta, it says, ‘Nothing is Permanent.’

Planets & Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is indicated by the planets: Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Uranus and Neptune. Within the list of planets, Jupiter tops the list of holding a high value, and it dominates the entire horoscope of the spiritual person.

Jupiter is often referred to as the most benefic planet because it provides material wealth and spiritual progress. Moreover, it shows the rewards the individual has earned in the previous life with good karma. Jupiter represents a Guru (divine guide), religion, and philosophy in many cases. 

Moon is the representation of the psychological and emotional well-being of the person. If Moon is well-aspected in the horoscope, then the person will have a stable mind and gain reasonable control over his mind – which is the first step in spiritual growth.

The planet Sun represents the soul’s strength and the soul’s interest. It also describes the experiences the soul had opted for before it took the human body. The Sun symbolizes the soul’s power and will to experience all life has to offer – no matter what form it takes.

Uranus is interested in mysticism, telepathy, clairvoyance and freedom of the soul. It represents the intuitive link between the Jeevaathma and Paramaathma. It delineates the purpose of the soul in the present birth.

Neptune represents an interest in the matters of life after death, prophecy, spiritual healing and spiritual solid practices. It characterizes the spiritual wisdom acquired by the person from past births.

The combination of ‘Astrology and spirituality‘ gives a person some unexplainable strength to choose the right path, fight their circumstances and emerge a winner by attaining supreme peace (State of Bliss). 

Free online astrology can be a fun and informative way to learn about your stars. It can also be used as a tool for predicting future events.

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