A birth chart can help you overcome anxiety and other emotional things. Because the birth chart is our blueprint of what we choose to experience on This planet beforehand, and by analysing it, we can figure out our weaknesses and emotional vulnerabilities, we can gain a better grip on emotional and psychological issues.

Astrology is like a higher psychological subject. We ca. Learn a lot more about ourselves through astrology. It also helps us identify our weak points of raw emotions like suppressed anger and other emotions. Affliction to the moon will show how our minds are moulded differently. 

Moon with Rahu or Ketu is an affliction that can cause anxiety-related issues.

A Saturn moon conjunction can make a person very cold in emotions. Or a very rigid psychological nature.

Astrology therapy

Let’s see different placements and their common psychological effects:

Sun+ketu –  boundary issues with authority figures, confidence issues, doubting one’s abilities etc

Moon+Mars – can give an aggressive mindset, even if not physically, psychologically an undercurrent of anger is always there.

Moon+ketu – emotional distancing. Carelessness,  emotional disconnection or separation from mother, sadistic attitude etc

Moon+rahu – overactive mind, illusory thoughts, giving over importance to small things etc.

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We always have to see the moon’s condition in our birth chart to see accurate conditions. Even aspects of Saturn and Mars can cause psychological issues. This doesn’t mean everyone will have the same experience, but these are a few possible indications in a chart. 

Then we can use remedies. Psychological remedies include behaving differently by will, doing specific psychological workouts to correct debilitated planets, etc.

Mantras are a good remedy for psychological issues. We can chant the beej mantra of the planet, causing anxiety issues.

Astrological ways to solve psychological issues can always work because, unlike traditional therapy, which uses a uniform approach. We can do specific remedies to solve problems.

Astrology is all-inclusive. Even medical astrology can show us specific issues like hormonal imbalance causing depression and such issues. Astrology can also suggest alternative medicines, including ayurvedic remedies, to balance tridosha in the system.

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A simple remedy is better than taking many allopathic medicines for many issues. We need to identify the problems through alternative wisdom and use remedies. Even homoeopathic medicines can work well for some people depending on their placements.

Also, yogic exercises can reduce anxiety a lot. Scientific research recently showed that stomach issues could cause depression and other psychological problems. I have seen people who have Rahu in the 5th house with stomach issues and depression. Astrology therapy identifies vulnerable placements in a chart and deals with them efficiently.

For Astro therapy, the real cure comes through causal healing. This means through higher level healing since it identifies disorder at a spiritual level. A skilled astrologer can identify issues in a chart.

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When combined with medical astrology, even physical problems can be identified. And then we can deal with them efficiently.

Talk to an Astro therapist; it can help you heal on a deeper level.

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