Have we not all heard, “Don’t cut your nails today!” “You can’t get a haircut today; it’s Tuesday!” We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t. The popular belief is that avoid doing and buying certain things on a Tuesday will usher in bad luck and can give rise to problems in home and life. 

The association of Tuesday with Mars has led this day to have a reputation over the centuries. People worship Mahavir, i.e. Hanuman Ji, with a great outlook on this day.

If you’re looking to eliminate your Manglik Dosha, pay tribute to Bajrangbali on Tuesday, and over time you’ll find that you’re not as cursed by Manglik anymore! Read on for some tips to please Mangal and tips to please Hanuman Ji.

Mars is considered a personal planet, which means its energy is prominent in your outward personality. In ancient mythology, Mars was the god of war, and in astrology, the planet represents our drive (yes, including sex drive), ambition, passion, and energy.

Good mars can be tedious. That being said, these are the things you must not do on Tuesdays.

  1. Avoid Shaving on Tuesdays: Mangalvar or Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars. This is a bad day and can affect your health and well-being. Mars has been known to create heat in the human body, which could cause you to become more ill than on other days of the week. If you must shave, keep it on a day ruled by Mercury; Wednesday is a great day for shaving.
  2. Don’t cut nails on Tuesdays: According to Astrology, all the waste material (for example, hair, nails, dirt, etc.) is ruled by Saturn. In contrast, all the arms (for example, nail cutters, scissors etc.) are governed by Mars. A clash of these two planets can cause harm to your health or make you lose control of your emotions.
  3. Do NOT wear black on Tuesdays: Colour black is not necessarily favoured by Hanuman Ji. Instead, dark or red clothing brings peace and harmony to one’s life. However, wearing all black hinders people from attaining growth and prosperity in their personal and professional lives. It can also cause them to experience mental stress. You should wear something red on Tuesdays to relieve yourself of the harmful effects of Mangal Dosha.

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And you MUST avoid buying these things on a Tuesday: 

  1. Black Clothes: Those affected by the Mangal Dosha should refrain from buying black clothes on Tuesdays. Negative energy might be attracted towards you. 
  2. Cosmetics: Cosmetics are not to be brought on Tuesday. Mangal Grah governs Tuesday, and this fiery planet does not like it. It can instead cause a rift between couples. 
  3. Iron Products: For the reason mentioned above, products made from Iron like nail cutters, scissors etc., should not be bought on Tuesday.

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