In today’s hardcore scientific world, if you tell someone that you’re going to visit an astrologer, they would most likely laugh at you. In the eyes of science, there is no value in the studies of Astrology. But if someone says, Astrology is science too?

You would probably think of his mental health. Astrology and science? More like an Eskimo and a Pigmy! But if I say there is such a relationship on which today’s Artificial Intelligence or AI depends?

astrology artificial intelligence

In the past, scientists like Newton tried creating a panacea that would cure all complex diseases, which was an impossible shot. Scientists these days are trying to build anthropomorphic designs exuding autonomy that people have never seen before.

Furthermore, experts are trying to employ AI to predict things with pinpoint accuracy. A similar notion goes behind the work of astrology, as it uses a person’s birth time, date, and place to predict his attributes and future.

While Artificial intelligence is in the developmental phase to predict future happenings, Astrology is a success at it. What connects Astrology and AI is their shot at the impossible. None has seen the future, but both these streams of knowledge reach where no other stream of study dared to tread.

The earliest study of Astrology goes back 2,400 years in history. It has taken a long time to come up with some well-laid method to predict the future.

The ancient form of science believes in the ancient ’cause and effect’ theory. Even the new age scientists also believe in the causation of things, but not the correlation.

Take the example of the face lock of your phone. You take the phone in front of your face, and the lock opens. Why does it happen? Because the cellphone ‘knows your face’. Now the question is, how does the phone know your face? It has no brain, so no human memory? Then how can it remember your face?

It is not a memory. It is all about data. The whole AI industry depends on data, as Astrology depends on the birth date, time, and place. The technology in your phone knows your face because your face matches with the data that is saved inside it.

Data means the shape, size, type of your face, and the brightness, colour, light, etc., on your face, which made the whole picture that you fed it as the sample. That’s why when you go into a comparatively dark room or change the light colour, it refuses to open the lock. Similarly, if you mistake the time of your birth, your birth chart and especially the Navamsa (D9 Chart) will change a great deal.

Both Astrology and AI depend significantly on the available data. If you change the data, then the result also changes, which is essential for both Astrology and AI.

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Let us go deeper. Do you believe that everything in this world is predetermined? Or you think that nothing is determined. Whatever is happening is a pure concept of free will or chance? Do you believe in the latter theory? Then let’s talk about something interesting.

We see the sun from the earth, and we see the moon from the earth too. The sun is about nine crore miles away from the earth, and the moon is about 5 lakh miles away from the earth. But can you say why both the sun and the moon look similar in size to our planet?

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Let’s see this question differently. Can you say why the sun and the moon are staying at such a distance to look of similar size from earth?

The “Causation” can’t answer this, but perhaps the “Correlation” can. The sun and the moon decide the tidal waves on earth on which humanity is totally dependent. Without these changing tidal waves, we couldn’t sail on the seas, nor could we build the industries like fishery, electric, shipping, and many others.

Isn’t it an example of cause and effect too? Astrology artificial intelligence depends wholly on the theory of cause and effect, and Astrology too upholds it. Astrology says that, as a person is born in certain Tithi, Lagna, and Nakshatra, the attribute of that particular person turns out a certain way.

 For example, Vedic Astrology says a person born at 5.30 AM in the month of Leo (15th Aug to 16th Sept) in XYZ place will be more focused on himself. He will be focused on how he looks and his cleanliness. He will have a larger-than-life attitude towards life. A person born at 8 AM in the same XYZ place on the very same date will be different. He will be more critical and picky. However, he will also be more helpful.

This is because of the ’cause’. The first person has a Leo (Simha) ascendant, and the second has a Virgo (Kanya). As the position of your birth star changes, so does your personality.

With AI, you can calculate the next tidal wave, the sunrise, or the cyclone attack by analyzing some data. Similarly, you can explore what is going to happen next by analyzing data. Astrology is so much dependent on data, just like AI. Well, seems like now is the right time to explore a career in artificial intelligence

Remember I talked about the face lock of your phone? If you put a bright photo of yours with lots of light while creating the lock for the first time, and if you try to open the lock in a dark room, I can predict that the lock won’t open.

I just analyzed the data like light, brightness, colour etc., of the basic picture of you and made the prediction. This is exactly what Astrology does! It analyzes the data (in this case, data are more complex one) and gives you the prediction just as the darkroom effect on the face lock!

This is the effect of all the stars and the planets on human lives. Every single thing in this universe releases cosmic rays, and those rays pass through us every day. And every ray coming from the universe affects us, just like sun rays or UV rays.

In higher philosophy, it is said that we all are connected. The whole universe and every single thing in it is connected, just like a web. If a point (in this case, a star or a planet) moves, it will affect the other points (in this case, these are we, humans).

Let’s take another example. Suppose you freed a bird from a cage. This is obviously an act of virtue. But just think, you perform this act of virtue because some other person put the bird in the cage!

That means that person did the equal amount of sin of your virtue. But you never knew the person, although he is connected to you.

This is the effect all the stars and planets have on us. We are not connected to them directly, or we cannot see the connection with bare eyes, but every movement of them affects us. These effects can be good or bad. But the effect is inevitable.

Astrology deals with this effect. Astrology predicts the possible effect of the stars and the planets on you with the help of pure mathematics, just as you calculate the next tidal wave!

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