Mental health is a hot topic in the 21st century. It’s probably the most nagging thing in our society. As much as we have had technological development and economic growth more than ever in history, we are also the generation most plagued by psychological issues.

improve mental healthHow can spirituality help with most psychological issues?

Because spirituality is an all-inclusive approach as compared to traditional psychology. Psychology tries to make a person get used to their neurosis, whereas spirituality aims at catharsis from the root cause.

Cathartic healing can bring the most benefits.

So you won’t have to keep your wounds hidden with a bandaid!

Spirituality takes moralism, human psychology, and the nature of the human mind into consideration. Therefore, spiritual remedies are much deeper than any conventional remedies.

human psychology

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Because we want to fix things from the root level, only recently has modern psychology realised that even at the genetic level, psychological issues can get lodged. But spiritual sciences have known this for millennia.

This is why most spiritual healing traditions take the physical body in a broad sense and start healing from a physical level, which also has the potential to go deep at the cellular level.

Our DNA carries karmic impressions. Science now agrees that the whole mind is but an inseparable function of the physical body.

This is a deep discovery as it has great potential for the exploration of psychological healing, as opposed to the old idea that mind and body have separate existences. Now, this helps us explore ways of integration starting from the physical body.

You see, this is obviously pointing to the benefits of yoga. Yoga is not just for physical health. It is a holistic approach aimed at healing on all levels. It starts with the physical but goes deep into the emotional, mental, and etheric bodies.

There are scientifically proven ways to improve mental health without taking drugs that numb the nervous system.

Meditation is an all-time acclaimed remedy. Meditation, rather than a remedy, is a permanent cure.

We have to understand that the basic fault of the human mind is its repetitive nature, which falls into the convenience of habit. Habits create a prison for us; habits become our comfort zone.

Meditation can give us awareness of how our own habits are actually self-made prisons for the mind. Habits obviously give us comfort as awareness is not needed to repeat a habit. But this happens at the expense of mental growth.

Expansion is happiness; being stale and stuck is frustration, which leads to hopelessness and a plethora of related negative emotions.

One important thing in healing is to break away from habitual living. This is a huge part of psychological rejuvenation that modern psychology fails to address. Another proven method is physical activity.

Physical activities are scientifically proven to help deal with depression. Especially yoga. Gymnastics only helps tone up a few muscles, whereas yoga helps gain overall flexibility. Flexibility is a symbol of adaptability to life’s challenges.

What we really need to learn is to flow with life, rather than trying to make circumstances favourable.

Activities to improve mental health :

  1. Meditation
  2. Pranayama
  3. Mindfulness: awareness of the present moment
  4. Yoga: better if all the eight limbs of yoga are included 
  5. A balanced diet can balance three ayurvedic doshas, which are kapha, vata, and pitta.
  6. Sunbath
  7. Alternative healing modalities can help a lot.

Now, of course, a blending together of all these different aspects can generate greater results.

We can combine all the healing methods and make a lifestyle out of it. 

Why a lifestyle? 

lifestyleBecause some of these methods are not a quick fix, it is not like you do it for two days, and then you are finished. No, they are to be incorporated into our daily routine. That way, it almost acts as a preventive shield against old limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits. 

This doesn’t mean avoiding taking medicinal help. But all we are trying to say is approaching life from a holistic viewpoint is better than relying on drugs to solve our problems. And, you can do yoga by yourself once you learn it properly, without relying on anyone.

In the long run, a yogic lifestyle can help in reduced ageing, faster healing, psychological well being and increase awareness of everything. 

An expanded mind can also experience life in an expansive way, in a more colourful sense.

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