True wealth is not of the pocket but what you keep within it. Just as your purse or wallet can be said to hold a myriad of items, what you carry within it will determine whether it will be a treasure chest full of positive energy or a sack full of negativity.

Several questions might come to your mind, such as:  what should you not keep in your wallet? Should i carry debit card in wallet? Things to carry in wallet?

According to Vastu, there are certain things that you should never carry these items in your pockets to keep yourself financially healthy. Certain things can unleash the wrath of goddess Lakshmi if found in your pocket because she rules over wealth and abundance! 

Take these items out of your pocket NOW to see a significant difference in your life.

  1. Old Bills: NEVER keep old bills like credit card bills, receipts or financial reminders cluttered in your pocket. It is like storing negative energies close to your body. Get rid of them now and make space for some actual wealth.
  2. Torn/Damaged Wallet: Is your wallet old, damaged or worn out? This is your sign of changing it now. Old wallets can make you lose your money quickly and are highly inauspicious. TornDamaged Wallet
  3. Religious Threads: Until and unless it is not recommended by your family astrologer, keeping sacred threads attracts imbalanced energies into your life, which can adversely affect your health and finances.Religious Threads
  4. Medicines: Medicines put in pockets close to your body are a reminder of sickness. It promotes poor health and suffering. Thus, they should never carry these items in your pocket. If necessary, try carrying a small bag with you.Medicines
  5. Scribbled Notes: Avoid keeping scribbled notes, old name cards or expired membership cards in your pockets. Old and unnecessary notes can hold you back and obstruct moving forward. So, this is the right time to clean your wallet and keep it organised.
  6. Provocative Pictures: Keeping pictures of loved ones you have lost, horror or porn can attract negative energies towards you. You can replace those with an image of the goddess Lakshmi for better health and prosperity.

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