Maintaining a relationship is no cakewalk. It takes time, effort, and commitment to nurture a relationship. Individuals get into a co-dependence where they rely on each other for mental, physical, financial, and emotional support. 

Relationships are complicated, and if you are in one, you will hit a few blockades. This is the time when one needs to act mature and take responsibility. But all zodiac signs act differently. For instance, if you are a Gemini dating a Capricorn, your relationship is bound to go through more rough patches than others. Want to know what is the most controlling zodiac sign? Let’s find out!

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Zodiac Signs in Relationships: How They Control it


Mars, the God of war, rules Aries. This cardinal fire sign is energetic, straightforward, and temperamental. They would prefer to break than bow down to others, especially during a fight. They might have a foul mouth, but they are good people by heart. 

Don’t expect your Aries partner to be extra-understanding when you are into an argument. In arguments, Aries can say things that they would regret later. However, Aries does not keep any grudges. Once the fight is over, Aries will be the first to call you. 


Venus, the sign of beauty and love, rules Taurus. It is a Fixed Earth sign, making them the most stubborn in the Zodiac. They have the tenacity to achieve anything if they drive their stubbornness in the right direction. 

A Taurus is a home-body, preferring a cosy day-in to a wild night out. A Taurus aims for stability first. Once they have that, they shoot to make their and their partner’s life luxurious. The Bull does not show temper, but when they do, expect all hell to break loose. After the fight, your Taurean partner will resort to passive-aggressiveness for many days. 


Gemini is the mutable Air sign. It is ruled by the planet of communication Mercury. Geminians are humorous, of dual nature, and often superb with words. These Mercury-ruled beings are super charming. But, when in the fight, their words are the deadliest. They will insult your intellect and take the winner’s award home. However, they generally have a clear heart and intend no harm.


Cancer is the Cardinal Water Sign ruled by the Moon. As the Moon has two phases, waxing and waning, a Cancer personality also has two sides. They can laugh hysterically and be withdrawn on the same day (apparently without any reason). They are sensitive, tender, and loving when they are in a relationship. If you fight with them, they will withdraw into their shells or burst out in the wildest rage. Try not to hurt your cancer partner’s sensitivity as they remember hurtful words for ages. 


Leo is the fixed fire sign in the Zodiac wheel. The Lion is ruled by the Sun. They have a larger-than-life attitude and a fiery temperament. In relationships, expect your Leo man or woman to shower you with compliments, gifts, and loads of love. If you argue with a Leo, he or she will slight your very existence. They can say the most hurtful words. It is best if you avoid hurting their ego. 


Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury. A Virgo is the most caring partner you can ever find. They will take care of you, your home, and your family with a smile on their face. Virgo men are the providers. They observe the smallest of details. Their observing nature makes them critical. Their over-observant and critical nature bring conflicts to relationships.


Libra is the cardinal sign that is ruled by Venus. Librans have beautiful features and soft skin. They are very romantic in nature. A libra partner will get you the most thoughtful gifts, are affectionate, and love the idea of love. Librans can be indecisive and avoid confrontation. However, I don’t think they are all calm and collected. The mind of a libra is the definition of chaos. 

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If you are looking for loyalty, settle for a Scorpio. This is a fixed water sign that is ruled by Mars. People think them to be disloyal in nature, but once they settle, they are the best you can get. But remember, a Scorpio can be the vilest in both action and words if you get into a fight. The sign of Scorpio will forever hold onto a grudge if ever you hurt them. 

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The mutable fire sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is the life of the party. ”Eat, drink and be merry” is the motto of Sagittarius. This does not mean that a Sagittarius does not know how to Love. It is tough to pin a Sagittarius into a relationship, but when they are into you, a Sagittarius is the best you ever have. 


Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign in the Zodiac wheel. It is ruled by Saturn. A Capricorn looks tough on the outside but is sensitive on the inside. Capricorns don’t know how to express love but observe their actions. You will learn how much they love you! While they are in a fight, they will be silent and choose to dignifiedly distance themselves for the time being. 


Aquarius, too, is ruled by Saturn. It is the fixed air sign in the Zodiac wheel. Aquarius won’t love you in a mushy way, but once you learn to love their thoughts, then you will understand them better. Aquarians hate conflicts and daily quarrels. If you have daily fights with an Aquarius, expect the relationship to end soon as they don’t like drama in their life.


The love of a Piscean is of the highest kind. They would love with all they have. If you enter into a fight with a Pisces, expect a lot of waterworks. They often cry, and then they become angry. They are very sensitive by nature.

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